Valentine’s Day is coming closer! Still confused what to gift?

Valentine’s Day is coming closer! Still confused what to gift?

It’s said that a Gift is an expression of love. No matter what a person says s/he doesn’t believe in gifts. But when a gift is received, it feels divine and loved for sure.

H.Jackson Brown, Jr wrote something so beautiful about love.

Love is when other person’s happiness is more important than your own.

In the wonderful journey called Life, don’t miss out even a single opportunity to say someone ‘I love you’. And what else can be the best occasion to make someone feel special, loved and accepted for what they are. Valentine’s day itself is a blessing for people in love.

But despite having such intense feelings about our dear ones, we can’t spare extra time to buy a gift from our busy schedules. Thank God! Online gifting is available. But there also, we find ourselves so helpless and clueless when it comes to buying a perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

So here are some gift ideas for you for Valentine’s Day. Few are tried & tested and others are unique & trendy.


Personalized 3D Crystal

3D crystal

It’s already a trending gift idea.

Even if an idea is copied, nobody can copy your gift because it will be completely personalized and unique.

Plus, it’s an option for any gender!

What can be the best way to lock the memories and cherish them ever & ever? If nothing seems working for you, this will definitely work because a memory is attached to it. Buying 3D crystal gift online gives will save plenty of your time and money, too. Plus, it comes in a variety of sized crystals like portrait, landscape etc. and shapes such as cube, heart, diamond, prestige or serrated. In addition to that, you can also gift a light base to enlighten the personalized memory. One more thing! The 3D Crystalized pendant will always make your love feel closer to you. Your love will miss a few heartbeats by watching such a memory-rich gift. Visit at 3D INNOVATION, upload your photo, and get it shipped in few days.


2D Night Light 

2D night light

2D Night Light is also a good suggestion for a gift to be presented to your mother, father, friend, family, girlfriend or whomsoever you want to express your love. This is little different than 3D Crystal. Plus, it comes in a variety of shapes that you might not have imagined off! Beautifully illuminated2D night light is actually giving 3D rendering appearance. The smart touch button will present you a colorful night show and your folk will be mesmerized by the color transformations! It’s worth it during sleeping time, too.


Heart Bamboo

heart bamboo

If you’re a nature lover or your loved one is, then this is the best and unique gifting idea. Two heart-shaped bamboos in a woody vase along with pebbles will turn out as most surprising and ‘wow –I love it’ kinda gift. It’s the gift that a wife can give to husband, a son can give to a mother, a mother can give to a daughter or a friend can give to a friend. In short, it’s for all. A new wind is blowing in the millennials, ‘Save Environment’. This fits completely there.



Sweet Love 


Now, this is tried & tested idea! Again no gender biases. Indulge your love of sweet delicacies, be it heart-shaped, multi-flavor chocolates or mini cheesecakes or specially decorated little cute muffins, chocolate dipped donuts or even handmade cookies! In addition to that, garnishing of chocolate dipped strawberries & nuts will leave your love dive deep into old fantasies. This idea works the most of the time. Even you can easily order a collection of more sweet delicacies in beautifully packaged boxes.


Evergreen Magic Of Flowers


Again, everyone’s favorite flowers. Two types of opinions have been formed regarding presenting flowers. Some people say nothing can compensate the refreshing and romantic environment produced because of flowers especially red roses. And some says, what’s the point of gifting something that is going to wilt so soon. Anyways, it’s between you and your love. Take up a call and do what your heart says.


‘I Love You’ Bean

love bean

Instead of gifting rose that’s going to wilt, why can’t we give something that grows eventually? People express their love through cards, through handmade things containing message ‘I love you’, ‘I care for you’, ‘I’m yours’ etc. But this is something out of the box. You’re going to present a small bean which is easy to grow, polyglot plan in fact. Comes with the simple process - add water, maintain sufficient sunlight and that’s it. After few days, your love will emerge with a tiny sprout. In just 4-5 days, a small tiny plant with a message ‘I love you’ comes out with a bang and so as your love, too.


Wrapping Up,

Ideas are endless. To think, what your loved one will feel, requires a lot of efforts. So whenever you plan to buy a valentine gift, try to give something personalized and unforgettable that your folk would love to cherish it forever.

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