How We Convert Your Standard 2D Photo Into An Eye-Catching 3D Crystal

Have you ever wondered what you might look like in the three-dimensional, or better, a 3D plane?

Generally, the image in the standard 2D laser crystal is flat inside the glass, while the image in the 3D crystal has more depth in it. Even when the image is being viewed from the side, a profile is being visualized.

Quite amazing, isn’t it?

Moving forward to the main question, are you keen on converting a standard 2D picture into a 3D crystal? If your answer is yes, then we’re sure you’d be quite
fascinated to know how the process actually works. In that case, let’s scroll down a little and find out how the process of converting a standard 2D picture into a 3D crystal takes place.

3D Crystal

Going Behind The Screens: The Fascinating Process Of Converting A Standard 2D Image To 3D

It’s not as easy as it may look like. The entire process is quite complex and involves an in-depth precision and knowledge to convert a standard two-dimensional image into a three-dimensional one. The procedure requires what can be described as perfect per se. By the means of the latest, highly evolving technologies, and under a keen guidance of our expert software programmers, the highly skilled designers of our company model your picture into a three-dimensional design. The 3D image is engraved using a high-quality laser light on the premium quality optic crystal in order to create a long-lasting memory.

Diving deeper into the procedure, the photo crystal uses a special laser technology, which contains a ginormous amount of heat at its focal point that is used for the purpose of atomizing crystals at every coordinate.

Once the laser beam reaches the focal point, a powerful laser pulse is injected to carve a little space inside the crystal. On the similar note, the laser light proceeds to the next coordinate and marks another point. Enough points are plotted, following the similar aforementioned pattern, to create a design deep inside the crystal piece.

Here, the non-invasive nature of laser beams plays an important role as they leave no mark or spot on the crystal surface.

And thus, it’s done! The final product, i.e. the engraved design, when viewed from any angle, projects a stunning three-dimensional crystal.

Planning To Get Your Own 3D Crystal?


Well, in that case, all you need to do is submit a high-resolution picture to us and you’re done. Our team of experts will incorporate our high-end laser technology to transform your simple photograph into a state-of-the-art, i.e. the finest piece of 3D crystal! And the best part is, we offer you to choose the background of your choice to be incorporated into the crystal to make it look even more appealing.

There you go!

Your 2D photograph is now an appealing photo etched in 3D crystal, which will never fade in color. All you need to do is – take some care of the crystal. This isn’t a tough task, just keep wiping the crystal with a clean cloth to avoid smudges due to fingerprint or micro dust.

A Few Parting Words

What more could anyone possibly want?

Submit a digital photograph in various formats like .jpg, .bmp and .png and get your personalized 3D photo crystal ready within a few days.

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