One of the most powerful ways to preserve a memory is to use a photograph of your loved one in an engraved plaque. Memorial plaques with laser engraved pictures or photographs are quickly gaining prominence due to several reasons. In the earlier days, sculptures and pictures were engraved on stones to immortalize the memory of a loved one. However, in due course of time, these stone engravings began to wear off. With the advance in modern technology, laser engraving on different types of materials such as crystals, marbles, wood and granite came into existence.

Reasons Why Laser is used to engraving a Memorial Plaque?


One of the foremost reasons to use a laser to engrave plaques is due to the precision it offers to the product.


Engraving pictures with laser technology also ensure that the plaques are long lasting and permanent. It seldom tends to wear with the passage of time. Laser engraved plaques on crystals breathe life into the pictures making it appear so real and magnificent.

High quality

As it is engraved without the use of tools and ink, it retains the quality of the material. You can use any type of material to create a laser engraved plaque such as wood, crystal, metal, acrylic, marble and so forth.




Detailed engraving

Laser engraved pictures ensure an unrivaled height of precision that can seldom be matched by any other form of engraving.

How To Choose a Photograph To Create a Laser Engraved Plaque?

High-quality photograph

Before you laser engraves a plaque, it is important to choose only high-quality photographs so that your plaque is perfect in quality. It can be quite difficult to scan pictures that are blurry and grainy.

Capture the true essence

It is also important to choose photographs that capture the true essence of a person while engraving it on a plaque.

Epitomize your loved one

You can choose a photograph that epitomizes your loved one so that you can cherish the photograph forever. Laser engraved plaques have the power to immortalize your memories with your loved one who has passed away.


Custom Trophies Awards


Different Materials used for Engraving Plaques

You can choose from a wide plethora of materials to engrave your plaques with laser technology. It is important to know that different materials yield different results when the plaques are engraved. 3D Crystal plaques are alluring and magnificent as it exudes a lifelike appearance to the photographs. When you engrave the same photograph in wood or acrylic, you might derive a different result.

You can find an exciting range of laser engraved plaques in different materials but nothing quite compares to the quality and elegance of 3D crystal engraved plaques. You can find endless possibilities of shapes and sizes to engrave your plaques in crystals on 3D Innovation.

Crystal engraved plaques are the perfect choice to capture and cherish the memories of your loved ones. You can personalize it with poems, dates and pictures of your choice. It is one of the best ways to preserve the memory of your loved one who has passed away as it has a timeless and elegant appeal.

There are different types of crystal engraved plaques in different shapes and sizes. You can explore different possibilities of customizing your unique plaque with a name and date. You can also engrave a few lines on the plaque.

When you choose a 3D crystal for engraved plaque, it will appear even better than the original photograph. 3D Innovation helps to keep your memories alive with laser engraving on crystals for all occasions and events.


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