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A 3D Photo in a Block of Crystal Makes for a Special Gift – Gift giving is a standard thing to do for birthdays, holidays, baby showers, weddings, graduations, or just to show appreciation. The kinds of gifts a person can give are endless, but not all of them are unique or special. How about a special gift made out of a block of crystal? It’s the kind of gift that you don’t see every day.

That’s what a company like 3D Innovation produces. They specialize in 3D laser etched crystals in many different styles such as cubes, hearts, diamonds, etc. Through the use of the latest German technology, the company specializes in laser engraving in crystals. Through the technique, pictures, words and other memories can appear in the crystals. A unique gift can be created that becomes a gift of a lifetime and a gift from the heart, for an individual or a business for their employees.

How does the process work?

It’s a complexed process that 3D Innovation specializes in. Through their special technique, they convert a 2D photo (or a photo where the two dimensions are width and length and the objects depicted in the picture are flat) into a 3D photo (or a photo that contains an additional aspect of depth.) In addition, the brightness and contrast are optimized to result in the best result in the crystal. Once the pic is complete, a process of laser energy produces the design inside the crystal. It is a non-invasive process that leaves no blemishes or marks on the surface of the crystal. The result is a 3D image from every angle.

Special gifts are perfect for things like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, graduations, award ceremonies, memorials, etc. Creating the gifts is easy for the customer:

1. Start with a good quality photo.

You begin the process by starting with a good quality photo. For example, for grandparents, you could choose a picture of a granddaughter or a grandson. For a wedding, you could select a photo of the married couple. For an anniversary, you could choose a photo of a couple in their younger years. The possibilities are endless.

2. Upload the image to the website.

3. Chose the size of your crystal.

3D Innovations offers a wide variety of crystal shapes. Whether you go with diamond, cube, heart, prestige, serrated, or keychains in three different shapes, as well as small, medium and large sizes, you’ll find the perfect size for you. For example, you could choose a heart crystal and have the photo appear inside as a lovely way to decorate a table. Or pick something that you can use such as a keychain crystal or a necklace crystal. The photo will appear inside the crystal as a unique showcase to present.

After your photo is approved, the graphic designers work on the photo, correcting any flaws and eliminating the background. They take your 2D picture and turn it into a 3D image that is etched into the crystal. The result is beautiful and unique. The company can work with even the most intricate of shapes such as a motorcycle. Also, working with company logos is also something that 3D Innovations can work with.

As far as the price, you get what you pay for with this special gift. Etching a 3D pic in a crystal is a highly specialized process and is priced accordingly. However, the prices are affordable for a wide variety of incomes.

If you’re looking for a special gift, you may find it difficult to find something that truly stands out. A photo etched inside a crystal, however, is a unique gift that cannot be duplicated. Your picture makes it your own, and being etched in crystal is a unique way to present it. There are so many occasions where this kind of gift will work. Because the gift is a one-of-a-kind, it is especially good to celebrate special moments like memorializing a police officer’s badge or memorializing the memory of deceased loved ones. This is the kind of gift that can bring the recipient to tears of joy. Surprise your friends and loved ones with the gift of a 3D photo etched in crystal. They will be amazed at how lovely such a gift is presented.

Special Gift

Special Gift

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