Pet Urn Crystal

Amazing Reason Why Getting A Pet Urn Crystal Is An Outstanding Decision

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Why Getting A Pet Urn Crystal Is An Outstanding Decision – There are so many people every day that lose a pet. It could be from an accident or old age. People that love their pets will have to go through a grieving process. This often prompts them to cremate their pet and put them in an urn. Unfortunately, and urn is not the best way to remember your pet. However, this can be remedied very easily. You can invest in a 3D holographic crystal with an image of your pet inside. You can use the picture that best captures how wonderful they were when they were alive. If you would like to have this done, 3D Innovation will help you make this a reality.

Why A 3D Crystal Rendering Of Your Pet Is So Special

If you decide to get a pet urn crystal, there are so many reasons why this is an exceptional idea. Everyone has photographs and videos of their pet, but to commemorate them properly, they need to be immortalized in crystal. The technology that allows lasers to etch holographic images of your pet have been around for well over a decade. You can get this done in a very short period of time. You simply have to choose the proper size for the 3D pet urn crystal that you will have with you to remember them.

What Size Should The Crystal Be?

The size of the crystal is simply dependent upon what you would prefer. For some, they choose the XXXL cube because of its size. They may want to see a larger version of their dog or cat that is now past. Others might prefer a small cube, pendant, or they may get a medium-sized prestige or diamond crystal. Some people will place this on top of the urn, whereas others may put this 3D portrait right next to it. This is a fantastic way to remember your pet that was so special. It is a technological wonder that can literally create a 3D version of your pet encased in crystalline form.

For those that have an urn for their pet, having a 3D picture of them might be what is missing. Once there image is etched into the crystal, you will always have that image of them to remember them by. It’s not enough to simply have photographs. This 3D crystal that will be next to the pet urn is a wonderful way to show how much you cared. People that see this will marvel at how intricate the details will be. This might be something that you want to do, and the experts at 3D Innovation can help you make this happen.

Pet Urn Crystal

Pet Urn Crystal

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