Your dog has been your constant companion and loyal friend all through life. Your furry friend was reliable and has been with you through many ups and downs in life. Nothing or no one can quite compare to the unconditional love your pet dog had for you. Now you want to honor that deep unconditional love with something special.

A beautiful dog urn is one of the best ways to honor your pet. There is nothing more elegant and amazing than these urns that can be customized and bought at affordable price rates. You will find an exciting choice of dog urns on many of the online stores. Let us check out some of the amazing options that we have on the market now.

Urn with crystal photo frame

There is nothing more sentimental than a beautiful urn with a crystal photo frame. You can upload the photo of your pet and display it in your home. It is ideal for a vertical and horizontal display of your pet’s photograph. This urn is quite affordable and elegant in appearance.

Personalized dog urn made of ceramic

Ceramic dog urns are long lasting and it is ideal for small dogs. It can be personalized easily by adding the name of your dog and the dates. These dog urns are constructed beautifully in ceramic and boast of its excellent craftsmanship.

Brass urn

If you are searching for something classic and traditional, then you can choose ornate brass urns. It is available in different sizes and can be chosen according to the size of your pet. Brass urns are quite expensive compared to the ordinary urns, but if you choose to display the remains of your pet in an elegant manner, then brass urn is the best choice.

Urns with wood photo frame

Another variety of dog urn is one with a wood photo frame with a brass plaque that can be used to engrave the name of your pet along with other descriptions. It is quite chic in appearance and can be bought in different sizes depending on the weight of your pet.

Classic wooden urn

If you want to choose something that is really simple and affordable, then you can buy a classic wooden urn that has no frills or fanfare. It is a simple wooden urn with a sliding panel. It is quite small in size and ideal for small pet dogs.

Marble urns

This is something so special and unique, marble urns can be found in different varieties. You can find an amazing collection of marble urns that can be customized. It can be bought in different colors, styles, and sizes to suit your pet dog.

Coping with the loss of your pet dog is not easy. Your pet dog has not just been a friend to you but a part of your family. When you choose to grieve and remember the pet fondly, you need to know how to choose a pet urn for your friend.

The material of the urn

There is a multitude of pet urns available today which are made of different kinds of materials that include crystal, marble, wood, metal and so forth. You can choose the most appropriate material accordingly.

Size of the urn

This is quite an important aspect to consider as all pet dogs are not of the same size and weight. So you need to choose an urn that complements the size of your pet dog.

To sum it up, you can also keep the memories of your pet dog alive by uploading photos in a 3D crystal portrait or landscape.

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