Glass Picture Cube

The Insane Reason Why  Upgrade From A Glass Picture Cube To Stylish Crystal

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Upgrade From A Glass Picture Cube To Stylish Crystal – A glass picture cube with 3D laser engraved image combined with a sentence explaining the contents of the cube is a timeless expression of care and devotion. However, as attractive as a glass picture cube is it cannot compare to the sheer beauty of crystal.

Crystal has been admired across centuries by scholars of the wealthy and influential, as well as royalty. But today there is not reason to search out precious natural crystal – technology is not able to match or even beat Mother Nature at her game by providing crystal of unmatched clarity and beauty.

The ability to scan an image provided by a customers and embed that image in crystal is today a process that relies on high performance laser technology, combined with crystal that is manufactured using the same care that organizations such as NASA employ when creating crystal for optical use in some of the most sensitive equipment that is available. Just as NASA uses this crystal to explore the secrets of our universe, so do customers of companies such as 3D innovation enjoy the opportunity to explore memories embedded in a timeless matrix.

Providing loved one with a crystal 3D printed creation is a timeless expression of care – however business is also using the techniques and medium to provide partners and staff with an expression of their value to the company. It is the perfect creation to provide a unique concrete expression of the value of the individual.

The use of high quality crystal means that the #D creation will never dull and remain clear for generations – just as the memories of those captured in the image which is embedded in the crystal should also remain. The gift of beauty is one that should never fade – and now – with the laser and crystal creation technology memories will stay fresh.

Each creation from 3D Innovation is unique – and process of sourcing the timeless beauty of a one of a kind crystal could not be easier. the client simply supplies a high resolution image of the person or brand that they would like immortalized in crystal and the company will do the rest.

With unparalleled choice of products and world class technology, as well as a mission to provide exceptional customer service 3D Innovation is uniquely placed to provide a timeless memento that will bring pride and joy to any home or business. Order your crystal creation today.

 Glass Picture Cube

 Glass Picture Cube

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