Engraved Gifts

Purchasing gifts for hard to please relatives and friends can often be a real challenge. You want to give a thoughtful gift that the receiver will appreciate and enjoy. An engraved gift makes for a personal keepsake that the receiver will love and enjoy for many years to come.

Here at 3D innovations, we can help you find the perfect engraved gift for any occasion. Here are some great ideas for various occasions.


Engraved Gifts


Engraved Gifts for Christmas

If you are looking for the perfect gift to celebrate the Christmas holiday then why not choose to give a personalized crystal engaged photo ornament to that loved one or hard to please friend or family member on your shopping list. An engraved Christmas ornament makes a wonderful gift for anyone on your shopping list regardless of age or sex. Best of all, an engraved Christmas ornament is a gift that continues to give each and every Christmas when the receiver hangs the ornament on their Christmas tree.

Children love ornaments of themselves at different stages in their life from infanthood to adulthood, for parents, what could be better than an ornament or set of ornaments of their child or children. Grandparents too, especially those who live some distance from their grandchildren will cherish an engraved ornament of their grandchild.

Young married couples will be thrilled to receive an engraved ornament of the two of them together and a single person may really like to have a favored pet memorialized on an engraved ornament.


Engraved Birthday Gifts

Engraved gifts also make great birthday gifts. Imagine presenting your child with an engraved LED night light so their room isn’t so dark during the night time hours. An adult male might enjoy an engraved keychain of a loved one, while an adult female would more than likely fall in love with an engraved pendant of a loved one or child. You may even want to present the birthday celebrant with engraved cube, heart or diamond of a special day evening spent with friends or a family member.


Mother’s or Father’s Day Engraved Gifts

Here at 3D Innovations we also engrave trophies and what could be a better Father’s Day or Mother’s day gift than an engraved trophy of a picture of mom or day with a brief personal message. Any mother or father would be thrilled to display such a trophy for all of their friends and neighbors to see.

If you are going for something more simple that could get all the siblings together, take a photo and have that photo turned into an engraved picture with a very simple message for Mother’s or Father’s day.

In order to order one of our beautiful and unique engraved discs all you need to do is pick out the type and shape crystal you want, customize it and complete the order. We will do the engraving and then send your engraved crystal picture, keychain, necklace or trophy to you.

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