Dog Memorial 3D Crystal

Amazing Article About The Benefits Of Owning A Dog Memorial 3D Crystal

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The Benefits Of Owning A Dog Memorial 3D Crystal – If your dog has been gone for several months, you may want to memorialize their life. Your canine could have been a very special part of your family, and they may all miss this dog very much. One way to memorialize this dog is to create a three dimensional rendering of them in crystal. 3D Innovation is a company that can etch a hologram of your dog into NASA grade crystal that will help their memory live on forever. There are many benefits to owning a dog memorial 3D crystal, a good decision that has so many positive benefits.

How Are These Memorial Crystals Made?

Using a specific type of laser, a two-dimensional picture of your dog can be transitioned into a three dimensional etching. Inside of the crystal you will see a very realistic 3D rendering of your dog that is no longer here. You may have hundreds of pictures of your dog, as well as digital photographs that will help you remember when they were around. However, it is a very special decision to have a dog memorial 3D crystal made so that you can truly commemorate their time with you and your family.

How Does This Process Work?

On the 3D Innovation website, you can look at all of the different crystal sizes that are available. There are some that are small enough to be used as pendants, and others that are extremely large. If you would like to have a memorial of your dog, you should choose a cube shape, heart shape, or even a prestige crystal. Once you have chosen one that looks ideal, will provide them with an image of your dog that they can inscribe inside of the crystal.

This is one of the most unique ways to memorialize your dog. Pictures are simply not going to be enough. When you inscribe an image of them inside of a crystal, in 3D, this is an excellent way to show how much you appreciated them while they were here. You can obtain a dog memorial 3D crystal from this reputable business. Not only are they affordable, but they will create an exact replica of your dog in the crystal using nothing more than a photograph. By doing this, you will benefit in so many ways. It may help you and your family have closure. At the very least, it is a decision that will immortalize your dog, embedded within high quality crystal.

Dog Memorial 3D Crystal
Dog Memorial 3D Crystal

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