Dog Urns Crystal

Your dog has been your constant companion and loyal friend all through life. Your furry friend was reliable and has been with you through many ups and downs in life. Nothing or no one can quite compare to the unconditional love your pet dog had for you. Now you want to honor that deep unconditional love with something special.

A beautiful dog urn is one of the best ways to honor your pet. There is nothing more elegant and amazing than these urns that can be customized and bought at affordable price rates. You will find an exciting choice of dog urns on many of the online stores. Let us check out some of the amazing options that we have on the market now.


Pet Urns

Losing a beloved pet is like losing a member of the family for most pet owners, which is why many people have their pet cremated and then keep their ashes in a pet urn.

Pet urns come in a variety of different sizes, shapes, styles, and materials from simple wooden boxes to beautifully decorated ceramic urns.

Pet urns allow people to keep their deceased pet close and may contain a plaque to commemorate their pets life. Most pet owners place their pet urns on their mantles, a shelf or a stand because they want to keep their pet close and to serve as a reminder of the pet that they loved.

However, no matter how detailed and beautiful that pet urn may be, it may not serve as the memorial you are hoping it will be. If you are looking for something more than a pet urn to memorialize the life of that pet you love then 3D Innovations may be able to help you to memorialize your pet by creating a companion piece to go with that pet urn.



Portraits in Crystal

3D Innovations can take a picture of your deceased pet from a much happier time and turn it into a 3-dimensional etching in the crystal that can be displayed next to your pet’s urn providing you with a happier memory of your pet to keep with you and your pet’s urn.

You can have your pet’s portrait etched on a cube, heart, diamond, prestige, or serrated shaped crystal giving you an actual memory of your pet during healthier and happier times, which is something that most pet owners who have suffered the loss of their pet seem to want and need.

If you prefer an etched portrait of your pet to be placed right on your pet urn, then you can purchase one of the 3D Innovations etched ornaments to place around the neck of certainly shaped urns.

Having an etched crystal 3D portrait of your beloved pet helps many people through their grief because it brings up memories of happier times, helping people recall long walks, camping trips, and tricks that pet loved performing.

Remembering your pet as the lively animal it was for many years helps many people deal with the sorrow and sense of loss of losing their pet. We even have a crystal cleaner so you can keep your pet’s etched crystal portrait looking its best.


Pet Engraved Gifts


If you are looking for a companion piece to go with your pet’s urn then why not let 3D Innovations create a beautifully etched crystal portrait of your beloved pet. Visit our website at and see what we can do to create that memorial pet photo you want.