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One of the most powerful ways to preserve a memory is to use a photograph of your loved one in an engraved plaque. Memorial plaques with laser engraved pictures or photographs are quickly gaining prominence due to several reasons. In the earlier days, sculptures and pictures were engraved on stones to immortalize the memory of a loved one. However, in due course of time, these stone engravings began to wear off. With the advance in modern technology, laser engraving on different types of materials such as crystals, marbles, wood and granite came into existence.

Reasons Why Laser is used to engraving a Memorial Plaque?


One of the foremost reasons to use a laser to engrave plaques is due to the precision it offers to the product.


Custom Trophies

Custom Trophies Awards

Trophies are presented to individuals or groups in a number of fields an for various reasons. Educational trophies are given for spelling bees, debate competitions, marathons, and winners of science fairs.

They are often given for sporting events such as baseball, football, basketball, golf, and even bowling and cheerleading.


Corporations and businesses sometimes present trophies to outstanding employees who go above and beyond their expected responsibilities.

Trophies are also given out for such things as chess matches, cooking and dancing competitions, and to people for their heroic or charitable actions.

In many cases, the trophies that are handed out to commemorate such accomplishments are made of cheap metal and wood and don’t really highlight the hard work or thrill of success that the trophy winner experiences having won the trophy.


Even the more expensive wood and metal trophies lack the pizazz to mark a really important accomplishment. All too often these wood and metal trophies end up stored in a basement or garage rather than decorating the shelves of a bedroom or other important place in the home simply because they lack the eye-catching beauty that most trophy winners desire.

Here at 3D Innovations, we create etched crystal trophies that are stunning as the accomplishment that earned you the trophy. You’ll be proud to display our trophies year after year reminded you and others of your important accomplishment.


Custom Trophies

We Customize our Trophies


We can customize your etched crystal trophy in a number of different ways including etching a portrait of the trophy receipt on the trophy as well the date, the event and even a short quote if that is your wish.

While our standard crystal trophy comes in a wing design we can turn any of our other shapes into a trophy as well including our cube, diamond, heart, or another shape. In most cases, you can also choose between different sizes depending on your need and what you want etched onto your trophy.

We will take special care to ensure that your etched custom trophies are everything you want them to be and that they represent the important accomplishment of the person who is presented the trophy as well as representing your business, sporting or another venue as a cut above other organizations that choose to give more mundane types of trophies.

Along with the trophy itself, you can order crystal cleaner our website so that the trophies can always be kept looking they’re very best.

To see a couple of examples of our trophies visit our site at You can order your trophy while visiting the website by following the steps provided of choosing the shape and size of the crystal, customizing it and then completing your purchase. We will then prepare your trophy check it to ensure that it of the best possible quality and then ship it to you.