Cat Memorial 3D Crystal

The Greats Benefits Of Owning A Cat Memorial 3D Crystal

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Obtaining a 3D Crystal with a unique picture inside is a product that many people enjoy. These are given as wedding presents, graduation gifts, or it might commemorate the anniversary of your marriage. However, they can also be used to remember the family cat that has recently passed on. Instead of etching the picture of a person inside of high quality crystal, you can provide these companies with an image of your cat. Once it is scanned, and the etching has been completed, this can serve as a cat memorial 3D Crystal that everyone will like.

Why Most People Get These Memorial Crystals For Their Pets

The primary reason that people will obtain a 3D Memorial crystal is that the cat was very special to the family. You may have a cat urn, containing the ashes of your favorite pet, and what better way to remember them than with a crystal memorial with a 3D etching. The technology of today is capable of rendering virtually any photo into a 3D hologram inside of crystals large and small. Regardless of the size of your memorial, the 3D rendering will look absolutely lifelike, something that will help you feel better seeing your cat as they once were.

What Is The Most Popular Size For Cat Memorials?

Most people try to get a memorial for their pet that is as large as possible. However, smaller ones can be placed on urns if that is what you need. This will be beneficial for everyone that loved the cat. It will be a lifelike rendering, allowing them to live forever inside of this NASA grade crystal. The technology of today is far better than what it was years ago, making all 3D rendering so much more real. If you would like to get a larger cat memorial, possibly in the shape of a heart or cube, a company like 3D Innovation can do this for you.

This business can create many different 3D holograms and crystal. This can be anything from awards to pictures that you want around your home. They also specialize in creating crystals for your pets. If you have a cat that you would like to remember, with a memory preserved in crystal, you should obtain a memorial 3D crystal that will help their memory live on. Even though this is a memorial, you will still be amazed at this process. It will be a decision that will help your cat continue to be with you in this cat memorial 3D crystal.

Cat Memorial 3D Crystal

Cat Memorial 3D Crystal

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