Glass Picture Cube

One of the most powerful ways to preserve a memory is to use a photograph of your loved one in an engraved plaque. Memorial plaques with laser engraved pictures or photographs are quickly gaining prominence due to several reasons. In the earlier days, sculptures and pictures were engraved on stones to immortalize the memory of a loved one. However, in due course of time, these stone engravings began to wear off. With the advance in modern technology, laser engraving on different types of materials such as crystals, marbles, wood and granite came into existence.

Reasons Why Laser is used to engraving a Memorial Plaque?


One of the foremost reasons to use a laser to engrave plaques is due to the precision it offers to the product.



3D Laser Crystal Gifts

Graduation- a simple word that brings a whole lot of emotions as we think about our high school kids walk across the threshold into adulthood. Completing graduation is a matter of achievement and pride and it calls for a celebration. This is the moment when you are so happy and proud that you would want to gift the world to your grad. It can be so overwhelming with so many gift ideas that you probably feel confused. What would be the perfect gift for your beaming graduate? How can you make this moment memorable?

Choosing gifts that your recent grad can use for many years can be a good idea. You can also choose personalized gifts to show your appreciation and love. Let us take a look at some of the graduation gift ideas.





Dog Urns Crystal

Your dog has been your constant companion and loyal friend all through life. Your furry friend was reliable and has been with you through many ups and downs in life. Nothing or no one can quite compare to the unconditional love your pet dog had for you. Now you want to honor that deep unconditional love with something special.

A beautiful dog urn is one of the best ways to honor your pet. There is nothing more elegant and amazing than these urns that can be customized and bought at affordable price rates. You will find an exciting choice of dog urns on many of the online stores. Let us check out some of the amazing options that we have on the market now.



Find Me The Best Crystal Gift

Offering condolences to a person who has lost a loved one is not as simple and easy as it seems. Choosing the most appropriate sympathy gift is even more difficult as there are times when you hardly know how to comfort a person who has lost someone dear. You can find a huge variety of sympathy gifts but it is essential to understand the custom and ritual of a culture before you choose an appropriate gift.

However, you can always choose sympathy gifts that capture the memories of the person who has passed on. It can be any type of inspirational and memorial gifts that will be cherished all along.



Cat Urn Crystal

Finding the perfect gift for someone you love can be a tad difficult. There are so many choices available and you might feel that most of the gift ideas are monotonous. But 3D glass pictures are quite different from the gifts that you have always chosen for your loved ones. 3D glass pictures are unique and among the most thoughtful gifts that you can choose for your family and friends.

What Makes Them so Unique?


3D crystals or glass pictures last for a long period of time as it is virtually indestructible. Special laser beams are used on the crystals. Your photos or pictures are etched onto the crystals without compromising the quality or the surface of the crystal.


Custom Trophies

Custom Trophies Awards

Trophies are presented to individuals or groups in a number of fields an for various reasons. Educational trophies are given for spelling bees, debate competitions, marathons, and winners of science fairs.

They are often given for sporting events such as baseball, football, basketball, golf, and even bowling and cheerleading.


Corporations and businesses sometimes present trophies to outstanding employees who go above and beyond their expected responsibilities.

Trophies are also given out for such things as chess matches, cooking and dancing competitions, and to people for their heroic or charitable actions.

In many cases, the trophies that are handed out to commemorate such accomplishments are made of cheap metal and wood and don’t really highlight the hard work or thrill of success that the trophy winner experiences having won the trophy.


Even the more expensive wood and metal trophies lack the pizazz to mark a really important accomplishment. All too often these wood and metal trophies end up stored in a basement or garage rather than decorating the shelves of a bedroom or other important place in the home simply because they lack the eye-catching beauty that most trophy winners desire.

Here at 3D Innovations, we create etched crystal trophies that are stunning as the accomplishment that earned you the trophy. You’ll be proud to display our trophies year after year reminded you and others of your important accomplishment.


Custom Trophies

We Customize our Trophies


We can customize your etched crystal trophy in a number of different ways including etching a portrait of the trophy receipt on the trophy as well the date, the event and even a short quote if that is your wish.

While our standard crystal trophy comes in a wing design we can turn any of our other shapes into a trophy as well including our cube, diamond, heart, or another shape. In most cases, you can also choose between different sizes depending on your need and what you want etched onto your trophy.

We will take special care to ensure that your etched custom trophies are everything you want them to be and that they represent the important accomplishment of the person who is presented the trophy as well as representing your business, sporting or another venue as a cut above other organizations that choose to give more mundane types of trophies.

Along with the trophy itself, you can order crystal cleaner our website so that the trophies can always be kept looking they’re very best.

To see a couple of examples of our trophies visit our site at You can order your trophy while visiting the website by following the steps provided of choosing the shape and size of the crystal, customizing it and then completing your purchase. We will then prepare your trophy check it to ensure that it of the best possible quality and then ship it to you.

Pet Urns

Losing a beloved pet is like losing a member of the family for most pet owners, which is why many people have their pet cremated and then keep their ashes in a pet urn.

Pet urns come in a variety of different sizes, shapes, styles, and materials from simple wooden boxes to beautifully decorated ceramic urns.

Pet urns allow people to keep their deceased pet close and may contain a plaque to commemorate their pets life. Most pet owners place their pet urns on their mantles, a shelf or a stand because they want to keep their pet close and to serve as a reminder of the pet that they loved.

However, no matter how detailed and beautiful that pet urn may be, it may not serve as the memorial you are hoping it will be. If you are looking for something more than a pet urn to memorialize the life of that pet you love then 3D Innovations may be able to help you to memorialize your pet by creating a companion piece to go with that pet urn.



Portraits in Crystal

3D Innovations can take a picture of your deceased pet from a much happier time and turn it into a 3-dimensional etching in the crystal that can be displayed next to your pet’s urn providing you with a happier memory of your pet to keep with you and your pet’s urn.

You can have your pet’s portrait etched on a cube, heart, diamond, prestige, or serrated shaped crystal giving you an actual memory of your pet during healthier and happier times, which is something that most pet owners who have suffered the loss of their pet seem to want and need.

If you prefer an etched portrait of your pet to be placed right on your pet urn, then you can purchase one of the 3D Innovations etched ornaments to place around the neck of certainly shaped urns.

Having an etched crystal 3D portrait of your beloved pet helps many people through their grief because it brings up memories of happier times, helping people recall long walks, camping trips, and tricks that pet loved performing.

Remembering your pet as the lively animal it was for many years helps many people deal with the sorrow and sense of loss of losing their pet. We even have a crystal cleaner so you can keep your pet’s etched crystal portrait looking its best.


Pet Engraved Gifts


If you are looking for a companion piece to go with your pet’s urn then why not let 3D Innovations create a beautifully etched crystal portrait of your beloved pet. Visit our website at and see what we can do to create that memorial pet photo you want.



Engraved Gifts

Crystal Gift Idea

Purchasing gifts for hard to please relatives and friends can often be a real challenge. You want to give a thoughtful gift that the receiver will appreciate and enjoy. An engraved gift makes for a personal keepsake that the receiver will love and enjoy for many years to come.

Here at 3D innovations, we can help you find the perfect engraved gift for any occasion. Here are some great ideas for various occasions.


Engraved Gifts


Engraved Gifts for Christmas

If you are looking for the perfect gift to celebrate the Christmas holiday then why not choose to give a personalized crystal engaged photo ornament to that loved one or hard to please friend or family member on your shopping list. An engraved Christmas ornament makes a wonderful gift for anyone on your shopping list regardless of age or sex. Best of all, an engraved Christmas ornament is a gift that continues to give each and every Christmas when the receiver hangs the ornament on their Christmas tree.

Children love ornaments of themselves at different stages in their life from infanthood to adulthood, for parents, what could be better than an ornament or set of ornaments of their child or children. Grandparents too, especially those who live some distance from their grandchildren will cherish an engraved ornament of their grandchild.

Young married couples will be thrilled to receive an engraved ornament of the two of them together and a single person may really like to have a favored pet memorialized on an engraved ornament.


Engraved Birthday Gifts

Engraved gifts also make great birthday gifts. Imagine presenting your child with an engraved LED night light so their room isn’t so dark during the night time hours. An adult male might enjoy an engraved keychain of a loved one, while an adult female would more than likely fall in love with an engraved pendant of a loved one or child. You may even want to present the birthday celebrant with engraved cube, heart or diamond of a special day evening spent with friends or a family member.


Mother’s or Father’s Day Engraved Gifts

Here at 3D Innovations we also engrave trophies and what could be a better Father’s Day or Mother’s day gift than an engraved trophy of a picture of mom or day with a brief personal message. Any mother or father would be thrilled to display such a trophy for all of their friends and neighbors to see.

If you are going for something more simple that could get all the siblings together, take a photo and have that photo turned into an engraved picture with a very simple message for Mother’s or Father’s day.

In order to order one of our beautiful and unique engraved discs all you need to do is pick out the type and shape crystal you want, customize it and complete the order. We will do the engraving and then send your engraved crystal picture, keychain, necklace or trophy to you.

Anniversary Gifts

3D Hologram Crystal

Anniversaries are very special occasions since they are a celebration of love and a couple’s commitment to one another. Finding an anniversary gift that is as special and unique as the anniversary couple itself can be a real challenge for those seeking to purchase a gift.

Whether the couple is celebrating their first or their fiftieth anniversary few gifts can touch the heart more than presenting them with a unique memory of their wedding day.


Anniversary Gifts

3D Innovations is a company that can help you present that wedding couple with a beautiful 3-dimensional portrait of their wedding in a stunning and unique way. All you have to do is send them a high-quality picture of the anniversary couple dressed in their wedding finery and this company will take that photo and turning into a beautiful etching in the crystal.

If you want the crystal etching to be able to be set on their mantle, or a stand then you have your choice of a variety of different shaped picture frames including cubes, diamonds, hearts and other shapes.

For an even more unique gift, you can provide the celebrating couple with a stunning crystal wine stopper with an etched photograph of the happy couple paired with a bottle of fine wine can make a wonderful and celebratory anniversary gift for the couple.

You may also want to present each member of the couple their own beautiful keychain etched with their wedding picture for a gift with a more personal and individual touch.

While one of these beautiful etched crystal portraits of the anniversary couple on their wedding day will make a lovely gift for any anniversary, it may be especially appropriate as a fifteenth (the crystal) anniversary gift.


Not Just for Wedding Anniversaries

Giving one of these crystal etched 3D gifts are not just appropriate for wedding anniversaries. They also make wonderful gifts to celebrate other anniversaries as well such as an employee anniversary gift for an employee who has been with a company for a long period of time. A photo of the employee and with the current date and date of employment is a wonderful way to thank that loyal employee for being of service to the company or business.

A business anniversary gift in a cube or other shape can serve as a paperweight on the employee’s desk or a more personal gift such as crystal keychain with the employee’s picture on it would also be a nice way of showing your employee you appreciate all they have done.

Ordering your crystal etched photo anniversary gift couldn’t be easier, you simply upload a photo to the 3D website at customize your crystal gift, place it in the cart and then complete your purchase. When the gift is completed it will be sent to you.