Top “Wow Factor” Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

Crystal Gift Idea

If you have ever picked up a mug and wondered if it was the perfect gift, then watched someone else do the same, you probably decided to put back the mug and find something more interesting for a gift. In addition, how do you get something when people can buy anything on the Internet? The idea behind this guide is that all of these products have a certain “wow” factor that you won’t find in any department store or gift shop online. These gifts are simply fun to give and receive

Anniversary Gift Ideas

When it comes to your anniversary, you know your partner best, but who’s tired of giving away boring gifts to the one you love? Whether it’s an extra special anniversary or just something fun to celebrate your significant other, these are some out-of-the-park ideas that make anyone smile.

Marriage Wall Art
From savvy wall decor to name art, there are a lot of things you can do with some photos, paint, and your partner’s name. Why not create something beautiful that you can hang on the wall forever? There are also plenty of online stores that want to help you create the perfect piece, such as or private stores on Etsy.

Wine, Cheese & Chocolate Baskets
You can find some exceptional gift baskets with everything your partner will love. Treat them to something special by or Wine Country Gifts. Both have a variety of different wine baskets that feature the best reds and whites as well as cheeses and sweets go with them.

The Story of Us
A whole category of journaling exists for those who love to spoil their partner with literature that’s just about them! Why not write a poem about the first time you met or answer love questions about each other in a book like Q A Day for Us or the Story of Us. You can typically find these books under “love journals.”

Intersection of Love – Photo Print
These prints are a fun way to share your names and hang on the wall to decorate your space with your loved one. You can find private stores on Etsy and

Personalized Whiskey Barrels
You may not be a fan of whiskey, but these whiskey barrels are a cute decor item for any kitchen or living room area. Miniature wooden wine barrels are handcrafted and engraved with your name or special saying. It’s even funner since they come with whiskey.

Personalized Gold LP Record
Is your significant other a music fan? Why not spoil them with their own golden LP? These gifts are the perfect wall decoration to celebrate your love without having a cheesy photograph. You can even pick songs to feature on your album.

Create Your Own 3-D Diamond-Crystal
One of the latest and most beautiful items is the 3-D Diamond Crystals from 3D Innovation. In fact, these cubes are so much fun that they can be used for essentially any occasion, even your pet’s birthday.

These diamond crystals can be customized to feature a photo of your significant other, your family, or just the two of you in a romantic embrace. High-rated and fun to create, these diamond crystals feature cut corners and a design of your choice. All you have to do is upload a photo and add a free engraving. You can pick a variety of different diamond sizes as well. See all of your options on 3D Innovation’s website:

Customized Rings
Does your significant other have a favorite movie? Do you love Lord of the Rings? You can get rings with engravings that speak just to one another. There are a few different places to purchase these rings. You can select different metals and styles as well. One online store is or

Where We’ve Been Road Map
Looking for a road map that takes you everywhere you’ve been together? For those couples who travel together, you can get a personalized map that shares all of your favorite places and favorite photos that you took while on vacation.

DIY Memory Pillows
Soft and plush, these pillows can be customized with photos, sayings, your names, and other symbols that represent just the two of you. It’s the perfect gift to place on the couch or bed to show your love for that special someone on your anniversary.

Graduation Gift Ideas
Got someone who is graduating from high school or college? You can make that person feel extra special with a thoughtful gift that includes some money for upcoming expenses as they make it on their own.

DIY Money Wreath
Thinking about giving some cash to your new graduate? This inventive idea lets you do just that but in a clever design. You can create a money wreath with any domination you wish, but dollar bills are definitely the cheapest option, depending on how big of a wreath you intend to make.

Personalized Charm Bracelet
You can take photos and symbols to transform a bracelet into the perfect graduation gift for a girl. Instead of buying a massively produced bracelet, you can personalize a bracelet with charms that represent different things that you know and love about your graduation party.

Personalized Graduation Photo Collage
Want to make their special day a memory they’ll never forget? You can customize letters with photos from their graduation day for a special wall decor arrangement. You can also use a Smartphone Photo Printer like below to print out the photos to place into the college.

Motivation Wall Decor
If you’d rather get artsy with your wall decor, why not create a motivational poster or college with some inspirational messages for your freshly graduated friend? These pieces are fun to create and will last a long time in a frame.

Mini Zen Garden
The stress of entering the real world will undoubtedly require some meditation. Zen gardens are the perfect way to keep some control in these adult days ahead.

Hand-Crafted Wooden Smartphone Deck
You can find a number of different wooden accessories and decks for smartphone lovers. From organizational desk tools that include charging stations to pen holders and wooden charging decks for any model of smartphone, you choose what’s the best item for your friend’s graduation gift.

Portable Smartphone Photo Printer
No matter who is graduating and at what time in their life, they could use this handy little device that attaches to your phone and instantly prints out colorful photos from your phone’s album. You can just snap and print out easily right at the graduation party!

Wedding Gift Ideas
Looking for that unique wedding gift idea that makes the happy couple even happier? Here is a list of some of the most thoughtful and most welcome gifts as rated by wedding couples!

Amazon Echo
Everyone wants one of these smart home speakers. With the ability to play music, play games, and add stuff to your Amazon shopping list, it’s a convenient and fun device to have around the home. You can pick one up for less than $100 on Amazon, but the larger styles have better audio quality.

Decorative Kitchenware
A traditional gift isn’t always a boring gift. There are some interesting kitchenware sets available online through Etsy and other personalized shops. You can add a splash of color to a customized kitchenware set.

It’s a true standby, but luggage is often the most desired gift for traveling couples. If your couple has the wanderlust, consider getting them custom luggage sets with fun tags that say “I Do.”

Cookbook Set
The couples who cook together also stay together! There are a ton of cookbooks out there for every type of flavor that you think your happy couple will enjoy. Test out their taste buds with a couple of culinary books that they’ll enjoy to cook next to one another.

Mid-Century Bar Cart
If you’re feeling generous and want to give them something that they’ll truly love for their new home, why not true a bar car from West Elm? These bar carts are a little pricey but it’s the perfect addition to a newlywed’s home.

Foodies in Love
Got two foodies who can’t keep their hands off of each other? Why not true a sweet, artisan wedding basket from Mouth called the Happy Couple Gift Set. It’s fulled with rich caramels, brittle, buttery shortbreads, and all the sweet things in life to go with your new honey.

Pet Gift Ideas

Is your furry friend or exotic bird in need of a treat? Maybe it’s their birthday coming up. Here are a few ways to bring joy to your special friend.

Personalized Line Drawing of Your Pet
These drawings are made online by private shops on Etsy as well as large-scale stores like UncommonGoods. All you need to do is provide a photo of your pet and get a customized line drawing and diagram that’s unique and funny for your pet.

Personalized Pet Pillow
Do you have the laziest pet around? Why not get a personalized dog or cat pillow with their name and favorite color? It’s the perfect way to say “I Love You” to your furry pal.


Cat Gifts
Is your sassy, fluffy tail ready for its birthday gift yet? These gifts cover the picky nature of cats while also catering to cat lovers, too.

Cat Toy & Treat Gift Basket
These baskets are perfect even for the pickiest of felines. Filled with treats and mouse toys, you can hand-select what goes in your cat’s basket.

Personalized Cat Keychain
Love your cat and want to keep them with you all the time? Personalize a keychain in the likeness of your cat and take it with you wherever you go.

Gifts for Cat Lovers

There are a number of ways you can celebrate a cat lover. How about a Pusheen ornament or pat pillowcases? There are also cat slippers, hoodies, and onesies! If you want a hand-crafted gift, you can find a whole category for cat lovers on

Dog Gift

Dog Gifts

Your ball-fetching friend is waiting patiently for his birthday gift. What do you plan on giving your best friend this year? Perhaps, you need a gift for a dog lover. We’ve got some of those too.

Tag GPS Pet Tracker
These pet trackers are perfect for cats and dogs that like to get out of the house. Got a runner? Simply put on the tracker and find your pet no matter where they’re headed. You should never lose your dog again to something they saw in the neighbor’s bush!

Dog Blueprints
These are fun diagrams of your pet that spell out exactly the reasons you love them. Coupled with a fun drawing on a blueprint, you can add all of the fun phrases about what it means to be your furry pet including their favorite toys or unique abilities.

Thundershirt for Dog Anxiety
You know dogs can get anxious, especially when you’re away from home. Help your dog and their anxiety with a Thundershirt. These are specially made shirts that fit all types of dogs. They are designed to squeeze the dog’s torso and provide comfort whenever the dog is anxious about something–like you leaving for work again!

Nite Ize LED Dog Ball
If you love to play fetch with your pooch at all times of the day, this LED ball is a perfect size and lights up in the dark. You can play using ball launchers or toss manually. The best part is that it comes in different colors and lets you keep your dog energized as you go on early morning walks or late night runs.

Sympathy Gift Ideas 
When those sad times roll around, you can give a gift that brings some joy and happiness. Here’s a list of the top sympathy gifts for any occasion.

Seeds of Like Oak Tree Kit
These kits can be found on and include everything you need to plant and nurture an oak tree. These are incredibly beautiful trees that stand the test of time and will always be remembered as a gift for the loved one who has passed away.

Amazing Grace Memorial Wind Chimes
Delicate sounds play from this incredible sympathy gift that provides joy and decoration to any part of the home. You can hang the wind charm anywhere and even personalize it to include symbols and sayings from your loved ones.

Herbal Apothecary Candles
Sometimes it’s the simple treats that mean the most. You can pick out different combinations, but we like the Blue Sage and Lavender candles on These are beautiful candles that have a lovely scent and come with high commendations from previous shoppers.

Personalized Memorial Picture Frames
Pictures in a glass with hand-crafted engravings can say a lot for a loved one who has passed on. No matter what kind of sympathy you are looking to give, a picture can say a thousand words. You can find a variety of different personalized frames, but we still like the 3D Dream-Crystal cube best. It’s an iconic way to frame your loved one forever.